Please call or visit the club to register for tennis or swim. Some registrations are available online and we will link them to the appropriate page or send an email with the link to register. You may visit and go to the calendar to see schedules.

For the first time, you will use the primary member email and your member number to log in. You can find your member number on any previous bill or statement sent to you. You may link to the “forgot password” and it will be emailed to you or contact the club and we can provide that to you. Once you’ve done that, you can change your password to whatever you‘d like.

You can reach the club by the primary number, which will direct you to the other facilities of the club. Or you may call those areas directly. See the contact us for direct numbers.

Much of the club information is public, but anything that could pertain to your membership will require you to log in. This includes registering for programs or events, seeing the membership directory, etc. Please see the Members page for documents for members only.

Go to our website and click the volunteer button. All volunteer opportunities including Board and committee participation, swim and dive volunteers and tennis will all be listed. A description of the volunteer position is listed on the volunteers page. Contact the person listed to volunteer.

No. We do not currently have the function of being able to pay your bills with a credit or debit card.

General questions during the summer can be directed to the administration in the check-in office at (734) 971-5441. Any of our qualified staff should be able to answer your questions. For credits or other billing issues either during the regular season or off-season should be directed to April Jackson at or contact the club voicemail at (734) 971-3098. Payments are to be mailed to:

Racquet Club of Ann Arbor
PO Box 130228
Ann Arbor, MI 48113

Not yet. We expect to add this function in the near future. Please call the check-in or visit the club to sign up.

Any person not part of your immediate family is considered a guest. Please visit the guest page for information on how to add a guest to your membership. See our Guest Policy under extended guest for more information. Changes to your membership should be directed to the membership manager or to accounting.

Log in to the website as a member. You will have access to change basic information regarding your membership. You may also email or call us and we will be happy to do that for you.