The Racquet Club of Ann Arbor

The Racquet Club of Ann Arbor is a member-owned club located in Ann Arbor Hills between Gallup Park and Ann Arbor Hills Golf Course. We are a full service facility for swimming, diving, tennis, and social activities in the Ann Arbor Hills community. The club maintains a static membership and offers new memberships to applicants as they become available each spring. Racquet Club currently has a waitlist and we encourage interested applicants to submit an application through our website.

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day the club has many organized activities for children and adults, including a youth swimming and diving  team, a youth tennis team, and an adult tennis team, which all compete against other local clubs. Racquet Club also offers both swim and tennis instruction for all age groups from our top-notch staff.

Although structured activities are available, R.C. is a relaxing place to lounge by the pool or play a casual tennis match. It's a great place for kids to play and for adults to enjoy a bottle of wine and meet with friends.

Our food services is open daily, providing a range of refreshments for purchase.

The club is seasonal, but the courts are open all year-round. We are usually open a couple weeks before Memorial Day and post Labor day and have other member-only and private events post season.