This code and related policies are current as of January 2022. In adopting and publishing these guidelines, you should note that the purpose of this document is to outline the general standards of conduct for all members, guests, and employees while on Club premises. It is intended to serve as a guide for the actions, behaviors and responsibility of everyone to encourage the safety and enjoyment for everyone. Nothing contained in this code should be construed as a binding definition or interpretation of a legal requirement.

Over the past several years, we have developed significant improvements in our facilities, programs, and customer service. There is always more to do. As the Club has grown, so has the need to outline some of the expectations we should all have to guide our actions. The code is, of course, broadly stated. Its guidelines are not intended to be a complete listing of detailed instructions for every conceivable situation. Instead, it is intended to help all of us to develop a working knowledge of the practices necessary to promote safety and enjoyment season after season.

We hope the as parents, you will discuss with your children some of the applicable guidelines and how to behave in those situations. The best way we can do this is to lead by example. The Club is owned by each of you, and everyone must do their part to ensure our future success. We must also have clear expectations and roles of our employees to encompass all boundaries of responsibility.

We take this code very seriously and consider its enforcement to be among our highest priorities, but we also acknowledge that it is sometimes difficult to know right from wrong. That is why we encourage open communication. When in doubt, ask. Whenever you have a question or concern, are unsure about what the appropriate course of action is, or if you believe that a violation of the Club code has or may have occurred:

  • Speak directly to an employee to have the situation resolved or reported to a manager or Board Director.
  • You should talk with a Manager or Executive Board Director, assuming that you are comfortable doing so under the circumstances. He or she may have the information you need, or may be able to resolve the issue with the offending party.
  • Politely address the circumstance with the person(s) involved or the parents, if it is a child.

To ensure appropriate handling of questions, concerns, or reports of violations or suspected violations under this code, the above provides information about where to direct such matters. However, consistent with the “when in doubt, ask” approach, if a situation arises under this code that you believe must be discussed with someone other than the above sources, you should raise the issue with an Executive Officer of the Club, rather than to refrain from seeking or providing the information.

Health, Safety and the Environment

We are committed to providing  safe and healthy working conditions by following all occupational health and safety laws governing our activities. We believe that management, members, guests and employees have a shared responsibility in the promotion of health and safety in the workplace. You should follow all safety laws and regulations, as well as Club safety policies and procedures (these can be found in the Club information guide or on our website at You should immediately report any accident, injury or unsafe equipment, practices or conditions.

You also have a responsibility to participate in club activities in ways that preserve and promote a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

Accuracy of Company Records

All information recorded or reported on the behalf of a member or employee, whether for our purposes or for third parties, must be done accurately and honestly. All of our records (including accounts and financial statements) must be maintained in reasonable and appropriate detail, must be kept in a timely fashion, and must appropriately reflect our transactions. Falsifying records or keeping unrecorded funds and assets is a severe offense and may result in prosecution or loss of employment. When a payment is made, it can only be used for the purpose spelled out in the supporting document.


  • Obey all rules and regulations outlined on our website or otherwise supplied- Discuss these rules with your children and guests prior to and during the active Club season.
  • Respect your Club- as owners; you should take care in how the Club looks. As non-profit club, the more you help and volunteer, the more we can reduce the overall costs of staffing and maintenance each season.
  • Please remember your belongings- Collection and maintenance of lost and found is a significant operation at the club. Please review all items that you bring with you to the club and what you take home. Put your name on items belonging to you.  All unclaimed items will be donated after the end of each month in the summer. Racquet Club assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items at any time. Please leave expensive items at home.
  • Take time to read signs and mailing concerning the club to avoid frustration of  changes in rules and policies that are often posted weeks or months in advance. The Club Directors, Committees and employees work hard to produce these items and are for the benefit of everyone at the club.
  • Treat your fellow members and staff with respect- a compliment or constructive criticism is welcomed if it is for the well being of the club as a whole. Employees feel appreciated and are better employees if provided with positive reinforcement.
  • Volunteer- Serve on the board, help with Tennis or Swim, help with opening or closing the club, pick up trash… all these things make the club a better place to be! We cannot do it without your help.


  • No inappropriate language or aggressive behavior
  • There has been many reports of cursing at the basketball court, food service area, and even on the pool deck. Many younger children feel intimidated and threatened by bad language and it has been reported several times over the past few seasons. We hold a strict policy for bad language and intimidating behavior by addressing it at the highest level. Children caught using such language may be reported to their parents and could result in immediate removal from the Club. Further instances could go to the Board of Directors for review and could result in termination of membership.

Pick up trash

Children are the largest group of members who leave trash at the snack bar tables, basketball courts and between the tennis courts. This is also a problem at the eating areas at the pool and on the pool deck. Encourage your children to be environmentally conscious and put trash where it belongs.

No inappropriate language

Cursing or other intimidation language will result in suspension of club privileges for the day. Continued language problems will be reported to the parents and could affect membership status

No bullying

Direct, implied or cyber threats will not be tolerated. Any child who sees or feels threatened should report this behavior immediately to a manager.

Say “Please” and “Thank You”

Common courtesy goes along way. Whether ordering from the snack bar or having someone lounging in the chairs throwing back a lost gutterball, acknowledging someone’s courteous behavior is respectful and part of Racquet Club culture. All forms of courtesy are expected.

Treat everyone at Racquet Club with respect

Beyond poor language is disrespectful behavior to other members and staff alike. Poor behavior and attitude towards anyone at the club will not be tolerated.

Keep personal items off the floor in the pool locker rooms

To help keep the locker rooms clean and to track your belongings, use the benches, hooks and baskets supplied to place all of your belongings.

Personal Hygiene

Please remember to take a shower before entering the pool, especially after being in the sandbox or volleyball court area. This helps keep our pool and other facilities clean. Be respectful in our locker rooms by flushing toilets after use and washing your hands.

Ask for help

If you need assistance, please ask a staff member to help you.

Youth Orientation Program

Becoming 8 years old, or entering 3rd grade is a right of passage to show responsibility and to be left unattended at the club. Each child who reaches this age must participate in our Junior Member Orientation before they may enter the club without an adult. Please check the schedule for dates to attend. Parents will be required to sign that your child has participated and understands the club rules and expectations.

Children will only be required to attend this one time, unless they show a disregard for the rules and conduct at the club. For 2022, each child 15 and under will be required to attend. Subsequently, only new member and children reaching this age will be required to attend.


Structure for the Codes of conduct are provided in the Employee handbook and staff training. If as an employee you are unsure of how to handle a particular situation, politely inform the member that you will immediately address the issue with a manager.

Obey all Club rules and policies

Club rules are provided to each staff member and are expected to be reviewed each season. In addition, rules discussed during training, meetings and other circumstances must be followed at all times.

Treat each member with respect

The highest customer service is expected towards all members and their guests at all times. Any conflicts should be immediately addressed with a manager or supervisor.

Your job is to provide services the membership at all times.

Racquet Club members should report any employee who does not provide professional services.

No inappropriate behavior or language

Members and their guests deserve to be in a peaceful environment and reports of inappropriate activities will result in disciplinary action.

You are not childcare

Report inappropriate activity or lost children immediately to a manager or supervisor.

Be proud of your duty and position at the Club

Staff training is to reinforce your role as an employee of Racquet Club. Enforcing these rules is for the benefit of staff and members alike.

Be prepared everyday

Arrive promptly in appropriate attire and able to do your job with the best of your abilities. The members and your fellow staff expect it, management will enforce it.