All memberships provide full access to tennis, swimming,
and social activities of the Racquet Club.

All new memberships will be assessed a non-refundable $4800 initiation fee, split over your first 2 years.


An individual membership for a single person only. Enjoy full access to tennis, swim and social activities of the Racquet Club.

$1465 per season

Visit the Become a Member page for our online application.


Any two adults and their children at the time of application, living in the same household, as well as subsequent children of birth or adoption under the age of 25. Grandparents or other relatives do not count as part of a family membership. Any temporary house members such as foreign exchange students, au pairs, out of town relatives must be registered as an “extended house guest”.

$1850 per season

Visit the Become a Member page for our online application.

Additional Memberships

Senior Membership

Any member 62 or older in good standing as a member for 10 years qualifies for a senior membership. New members 62 and over do not qualify as a “senior” member. A senior can either be an individual or couple.

$630 per season

Lifetime Membership

Any senior member in good standing as a member for over 50 years qualifies for a lifetime membership. Lifetime members are not required to pay seasonal dues for as long as they wish to use the club. Fees for club services and merchandise can be incurred and will be billed. Date of beginning membership status must be verified and presented to the membership manager or club manager.

Absentee Membership

Any active membership may be placed in absentee status once status changes are offered, subject to available absentee memberships. There is a limit of 25 Absentee memberships in any given season. Absentee members must pay the absentee fee and may not use the club during the season. Absentee members may reinstate their membership at anytime by paying the balance due for full membership, as long as there are openings for the current season. Contact the Membership Manager for changes to your account. Memberships will not be prorated at any time.

$500 per season

Any special circumstances regarding your membership should be brought to the attention of the General Manager, Brent Schomaker.
Email the Membership Manager