Monthly Charges

Members must sign in for their guests, lessons and purchases. They will be billed monthly for such charges. Delinquent charges will be added to all accounts over 30 days past due. Any member with a balance due for over 60 days more than $200.00 will have club privileges suspended until full payment is made.


Members and guests must register at Member Services whenever they use the Club. Also see Tennis and Member Services for other Registration and Reservation Policies.


Smoking is not permitted on club premises.


Walking pets on the property is allowed but must always be restrained by leash. Members are responsible for actions of their pets. Please clean up after your pet and never leave them unattended.

Valuables and Lost and Found

The Club is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items. Please lock your belongings in lockers. Do not bring items of value to the club. See Member Services for small or valuable items such as keys, wallets, jewelry, phones. General lost and found will be located at pool entry. Items are kept out for one-week. After they will be bagged and placed in the laundry room at Member Services. You may ask the member services staff to allow you to look for your belongings after it has been bagged. All items will be donated at the end of each month in the summer.


It is the policy of Racquet Club and its members that any information accessible on the website or at Racquet Offices (including but not limited to emails, phone numbers and address) are not to be used for public or business use to promote personal or professional events, business activities or similar practices. Member privacy is a high priority and we ask that everyone in the Racquet Club community respect all fellow members request to keep this information secure.



Parents are responsible for the deportment of their children. Under no circumstances may young children be left unattended at the Club. If you cannot be with your child, please arrange for a responsible babysitter. Children 8 years old or going into 3rd grade may be at the club without direct supervision if their behavior is appropriate. Please read our Youth Behavior Policy and agree to terms before leaving your child unsupervised. 

Please bring towels for your children, club towels are for adult members and guests only. Children should wear appropriate attire to swim and play tennis. No sandals, crocs, or other non-athletic shoe is allowed on the tennis courts.

Racquet Club of Ann Arbor Expectations of Our Youth Members

In an effort to foster a safe and welcoming environment at the Racquet Club, the Board of Directors and Club Management expect that children ages 16 and under (“Youth Members”) and their guests will treat fellow members, guests, staff, and club property with respect. 

We expect that Youth Members will conduct themselves appropriately at all times while on campus.  This is particularly important when Youth Members are on campus without parental supervision.  The privilege of unsupervised access to the Club comes with the individual responsibility of knowing and following club rules and policies, and failure to adhere to these rules and policies will result in a series of consequences which escalate towards the outright loss of Club privileges. 

The following is a general list of rules and expectations. This list is not meant to be comprehensive, but is instead intended as a general guideline of responsible behavior. Together with their families, Youth Members must review and agree to follow these and other Club rules and policies as stated in our Bylaws, posted on campus, or as expressed by Club Management and employees working under their direction.  

All families with Youth Members must review the following guidelines with their children prior to the start of our season.  All families with Youth Members must then confirm their knowledge of and compliance with these guidelines by signing the Racquet Club Youth Member Agreement. 

Parents – please review and discuss the following topics with Youth Members:

  • Bullying, intimidation, and harassment of any form (e.g., verbal, physical, emotional, or cyber) will not be tolerated 
  • No profanity 
  • No excessive screaming or rough play 
  • All members are responsible for their guests
  • All members are responsible for their own clean-up 
  • Please show respect and kindness to all staff, members, & guests 
  • If you see litter on campus, please help to keep our campus beautiful and clean by picking it up 
  • Please note that security cameras are active at all times on our campus
  • If you see something that feels wrong, please speak to RC staff 

Parking Lot Area

  • The parking lot is not a playground 
  • No sports, running, skateboarding, or playing in parking lot 
  • Bikes must be parked in the designated bike storage area
  • Please abide by stop signs and other traffic rules when entering and exiting campus by foot, bike, or car 

Member Services & Check-In 

  • Please provide first and last names to Member Services when entering the Club 
  • Please register all guests and abide by Club limits on repeated guest visits
  • Providing false guest information to Member Services will result in loss of guest privileges  
  • Check out and return all Club-owned tennis equipment 
  • All court time must be reserved at prior to play
  • Small/valuable Lost & Found items such as jewelry, phones, sunglasses, can be turned into and retrieved from Member Services staff. * See Pool for bulk lost and found. Racquet Club is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Speak to a Member Services staff to contact parent or guardian in case of emergency
  • General questions about the club rules and policies can be answered by Member Services staff. 


Tennis Rules

  • The tennis building lobby, locker rooms, and coffee/tea service are for members 18 and older 
  • Youth Members who need to access the tennis building (e.g., to access a rented locker) must obtain an entry pass from Member Services or be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • Tennis courts must be reserved prior to use 
  • Players must wear appropriate tennis attire including proper tennis shoes (no sandals) with non-marking soles. Shirts must be worn at all times. Playing in swimwear is not permitted.
  • Please return stray balls to Member Services
  • Abuse or destruction of the tennis building, tennis courts, or any related equipment will result in the loss of tennis court privileges
  • Young children may not be courtside while parents play tennis.
  • The back board can be used by no more than three (3) players at one time.  If others are waiting, practice must be limited to fifteen (15) minutes.
  • Court 3 can be reserved for Pickleball for the North and South end of the court
  • Adult tournaments are reserved for those 19 and above.
  • Non-member groups and school teams may not use the club courts at any time, including before May 15th and after Labor Day.  All outside requests for court use from groups must be petitioned to the Board of Directors 30 days prior to the event.
  • You must be fifteen (15) years or older to play on the Clay courts. The Tennis Pros or the Club Manager can grant special permission.
  • Racquet Club staff and Tennis Pros will enforce all Tennis Rules.
  • Tennis pro’s may remove youth from clinics if behavior is disruptive.
  • Please do not walk across another court that is occupied.  If it is necessary to cross an occupied court, do so only when play is stopped.
  • Please return stray balls to neighboring courts as soon as points on both courts are completed.
  • Please leave your court promptly when reserved time has expired and others are waiting to play.
  • Please refrain from disruptive behavior, such as racquet throwing, yelling, cursing, and ball smashing.
  • All Demo Racquets must be signed out and returned to Member Services.  Racquets may not be signed out one hour before the club closes.  Any damaged or non-returned demo racquet will be charged to the member at full replacement value.
  • Members may reserve the ball machine to be used on Court 2. The fee for the use of the ball machine $15 per hour. Members should request help with set up from the Tennis Pro staff if you have never used it. The remote and key for the shed can be obtained from the Member Services staff. The member must pick up all tennis balls and return the balls, tennis ball machine and wrapped cord to the tennis building and return the remote control to the Member Services staff.

Court Reservations and Registration Policy

  • Reservations may be made no sooner than 6 days in advance for weekday reservations, and no sooner than 3 days in advance for weekend and holiday reservations. Reservations are prioritized by booking through the court booking app, then by email at beginning at 8:00 am. Member Services staff will take all phone (734/971-5441) and in-person reservations after 8:30am.
  • The courts are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Members and guests must check in at Member Services prior to using the courts.  Members must sign up for a court once the clay courts open through Labor Day.
  • Courts can be reserved for up to 1.5 hours of singles play or 2 hours of doubles play daily.
  • Tennis Pros have the right to reserve courts in advance for clinics and lessons.
  • Court 8 is the Head Pro court, and may not be reserved at any time.
  • Only Court 2 can be reserved for the Ball Machine.
  • Court 3 can be booked for the backboard, or the north and south pickleball courts, as well as a tennis court
  • Clay courts are open from 8:00am to dusk.  Do not hop fence if the gates are locked.  The clay courts are closed for maintenance daily from 7:00 am to 8:00am and from 1:30pm to 3:00pm.  Maintenance reserves the right to close the courts for repairs or additional maintenance on any court that does not have a reservation.
  • A 24-hour notice must be given at the Member Services for a court cancellation.  A fine will be charged to any member who fails to cancel a court reservation.  The fine is $3.00 for the first occurrence and $6.00 for each subsequent occurrence.  When a membership accumulates a total of three (3) “no-shows”, they forfeit the privilege of making court reservations for two (2) weeks.
  • If a reserved court is not occupied fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled starting time, the court will be assigned for the remainder of that time period to waiting players on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • To keep proper pro to player rations, members should register for Spring and Summer clinics at least one week in advance. You can register by contacting Member Services via email, phone, or in person.
  • Cancellations must be made by 9:00am the morning of the class to avoid paying for the clinic.  Notice must be given to Member Services to cancel a lesson, or that member will be charged for the lesson and Pro’s time.
  • If a clinic is entirely cancelled due to rain, members will not be charged.  If a clinic is underway and it rains enough to stop play, members will be charged proportionately or clinic will be rescheduled.
  • If an illness prevents a member from attending a clinic or a lesson, it must be reported to Member Services prior to start time.

Pool Rules

  • All members and guest must sign in upon arrival at the Member Services Desk.
  • Children participating in the swim program or swim lessons should check in with a coach or instructor.
  • All members are required by law to take a shower before entering the pool.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult in the baby pool area at all times.
  • Non-toilet trained children must wear a swim diaper during pool use.
  • Children going from the play area (sandbox) to the pool must rinse all sand and dirt off before entering the pool.
  • In case of emergency, all members should exit the pool area.
  • Minor medical injuries such as cuts and abrasions should be addressed by a lifeguard. Racquet Club staff is not authorized to distribute medication.
  • Please show respect to our lifeguards by following their rules, requests, and directions 
  • The baby pool is for members aged eight and under and their parents or guardians
  • Please inform lifeguards if you see dangerous, dirty, or unsanitary conditions 
  • Exit the pool immediately when directed by lifeguards (either verbally or with long whistle blows)  
  • No eating or drinking on the pool deck or in the pool 
  • No running or use of swim fins on the swim deck
  • No rough play
  • No double bouncing on diving boards 
  • Kickboards and swim fins must be returned to their proper locations
  • White RC towels are for members 18 and older 
  • Please mind and remember your belongings. Bulk Lost & Found items such as clothing, shoes, towels, water bottles, are located in the pool office. Items are bagged weekly and located in the laundry room at Member Services. Please ask a member service staff if you are missing an item. Small items such as phones, glasses or valuables will be located at Member Services.
  • Racquet Club is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • No rafts, inter-tubes or floating beds.
  • No squirt guns are allowed at the club.
  • No food or glass is allowed on the deck at any time. Food is permitted on the designated pool patios as well as other open and designated areas around the club. No food is allowed on the tennis courts, on the pool deck or in locker rooms at any time.
  • Only water for drinking is permitted on the pool deck.
  • Swimming under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited
  • Towels are for adult members 18 years of age or older and guests only. Please do not provide children with towels. Towels limited to 2 per adult due to restricted ability to keep up with demand.
  • Members may not cross under lanes at any time.
  • The pool will close during swim meets and dive meets to all members and guests, including the baby pool.
  • There is no smoking on the pool deck at any time.
  • Children should be reminded regularly to exit the pool and use the restroom.
  • Children unfamiliar with swimming activities must pass a deep-water test before entering the deep end. Please see a lifeguard for administering the test.

Food and Beverage 

  • The Food and Beverage Services will be open limited hours post Memorial Day until school is out for summer. Regular hours beginning the first day of summer break for kids until the day before Labor Day. See Club Hours for Food Services hours and menu. Please speak respectfully to food service staff
  • When ordering, please provide food service staff with your first and last name
  • Providing false information for billing will result in the loss of food service privileges 
  • Please form and respect a single file line 
  • Please show respect and courtesy to other members in the dining area by keeping noise to an appropriate volume and being mindful of table space
  • Please clean up after yourself, and notify Member Services if a spill requires additional clean-up 
  • Please do not leave personal items (e.g., towels, shoes, food, etc.) in the dining area
  • Trash is never permitted in fire pit 

Private Events

  • Requests for larger group events such as school parties, birthday parties and sports parties must be made directly with the Club Manager, Brent Schomaker at
  • Please provide the type of event, date, and how many non-members will be in attendance.
  • Events may not interfere with daily activities or be intrusive to other members.
  • The General Manager must approve more than the allotted maximum of 6 guests.
  • Requests for special arrangement such a grill use, table reservations and other equipment should be requested at this time.

Locker Rooms 

  • The use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in all locker rooms 
  • Please notify Member Services (not lifeguards) when locker rooms need cleaning or other attention 
  • Showers are limited to 10 minutes
  • Shower and sink water must be turned off after use  
  • Congregating or playing in locker rooms and shower stalls is strictly prohibited  

Sandbox/Playground/Basketball Court 

  • No profanity 
  • No music or other media streamed from phones or devices, no exceptions   
  • Please play in a manner that is kind, fair, inclusive, and safe 
  • Tackle sports are prohibited 
  • No climbing on the basketball posts
  • Please confine organized sports to the space by the basketball courts or the area north of the Manager’s residence
  • No organized sports in the grassy area between food service and the barn
  • Please remove all trash and personal items when leaving the area


Daily Guests

A guest is defined as a single adult or child. Any person who occupies space at the club must be registered as a guest. A guest must always be accompanied by the host member and be registered by that member at Member Services immediately upon arrival at the club. As a guest of Racquet Club, you agree to abide by the guest waiver policy. No more than two adult guests and their children may accompany a member at one time. A maximum of six (6) guests may be registered with a member at one time. Please see below for our section on guest fees.


Each membership is allowed one free weekend pass for up to four (4) guests from out of town per season. Proof of residence required.

Guest Fees

$10.00/person/day Members are limited to 6 guests per membership during Coals and Ice.

Children 5 and under are no charge, but still limited to 5 visits per season. There will be no guest fees before May 15th and after the pool closes for the season. Guests should be limited during these periods. The Board of Directors reserves the right to deny any guest club privileges at any time.

House Guest

House guest fees are $30.00/person/week

A house guest is an out of town person, staying in your home. This house guest can be registered for up to two, one-week periods. The Board of Directors reserves the right to deny any guest club privileges at any time.

Extended Guest

$350 per person/season

A person living in your home as part of your family, such as an exchange student or relative who is not a part of your immediate family, may qualify as an extended stay guest. To apply for this special status, contact the general manager, Brent Schomaker at Verification of circumstances will be required. Until this arrangement is completed, regular guest fees and rules apply.


Caretakers are responsible for the children in their care at all times. Each caretaker must fill out a Caretaker form, and submit the form to the Member Services staff with the host family prior to using the facility. Caretakers may not bring their own children or guests. They may not use the club when not caring for members’ children. By filling out a caretaker from, they agree to abide by our guest waiver (see guest waiver).

Caretakers may not bring guests at any time.