Sundays 5-8pm

Coals & Ice is a social evening at the pool where members and their guests bring the food and we supply the coals for grilling and the ice for drinks. We provide the barbecue chefs, the grills and the ice and cook your food to perfection; you just relax and enjoy!
We are only limited by the space on the grill, so the cooks have some requests to ensure they can efficiently give equal time to everyone’s meals:

  1. Keep your food. Check in at Member services anytime between 4:30pm - 7:30pm when you have table. Let us know your name, what you have, how you want it cooked, and where you are sitting. Our staff will provide you a number to leave on your table. PLEASE BE SURE YOUR NUMBER IS VISIBLE ON YOUR TABLE! A runner will come get your food when the cooks are ready to put your items on the grill.
  2. Only bring what you plan to eat.. Large order take space so limit to what can be cooked in 30 minutes or less. We can only take what will fit on a cafeteria tray.
  3. We will only cook food that is ready to be grilled.. The cooks will not make your hamburgers into patties.
  4. Please do not add items after your order is taken. This only delays others food from being cooked in a timely fashion.


  1. Thaw your food. Our cooks take pride in their work, and frozen food takes more time and tends to be dry.
  2. Leave corn-on-the-cob in the husks and soak them in cold water for an hour or so before grilling. No tin foil please. Limit 6 ears per family.
  3. Please parboil potatoes or any vegetable that requires long cooking times. Large cuts of meat should be prepared to cook quickly. Chicken on the bone and large cuts of meat take a long time to cook, limiting grill space and delaying others food from being prepared.
  4. Avoid putting barbecue sauces on food prior to cooking. Sugars in those sauces will burn and char your food. Our cooks will be glad to baste your food at the appropriate time. Marinades and brines are okay.

We practice safe food handling, so please supply separate dishes for cooked food. We wash our utensils continuously to avoid cross contamination. We often keep separate areas on the grill for vegetables or kosher foods, but cannot guarantee. Please request this designated area when you place your food on a number.