The Application Process:

Racquet Club has a limited number of memberships. As current members resign or move to senior status, a space opens up for new members. New memberships are offered in the Spring each year as the club finds out current members intentions for the coming season. Offers to new members are extended in the order applications are received.

Waiting time for a membership varies. It could be for the summer following submission of the application or it could be longer. It all depends on how many membership spaces open up each season. Once your membership has been established, you will be instructed how you may access the member-only side of the site for detailed club information and policies.

When a membership is offered, you can defer acceptance for one year.

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April Hund, Membership Manager

(734) 369-9777
Fill out our online application below or RCApplication 2017 for a PDF version of our  membership application

Membership Application

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  • Membership Category Initiation Fee for 2017 2017 Dues
    Family $3400 $1680
    Single $3400 $1330

    Your initiation fee and dues will be those in effect at the time you are offered a membership. They are payable at the time you are accepted for membership. You may elect to pay one-half of the initiation fee each year for two years.