The Racquet Club offers USTA league tennis for Men and Women at practically all levels of play. If you’re unsure what your USTA rating is, please email Dean to arrange an evaluation, and a senior pro will help you.

TennisLink Registration for USTA League Tennis

TennisLink is the official system for registering teams for USTA League Tennis. All registrations must be completed online. No phone registrations are accepted. The TennisLink website allows players to join or renew USTA membership, register for local league play, access team rosters and standings, and enter and confirm scores.

If you are a new league player you must purchase your USTA membership before you attempt to register for a team. Go to At the top and to the right is a link “Join Today or Renew”. Click on this and follow the prompts.

Once you have your membership and password you can go to the TennisLink for Leagues site.

Team Registration Instructions – Information you will need:

A current USTA membership and your password.

  • Any information that you may need for the self-rating process.
  • A credit card number with expiration date.
  • Your team number (given to you by your Facility Coordinator, Captain or District League Coordinator) You must log in and go to USTA Team Numbers 

Go to the website:

Step 1:

Log in – click on “Create a USTA Account” The log in area is on the left side of this page.

Step 2:

Click on Register for a Team. This is located on the left side under
“Start Playing”.

Step 3:

Enter your USTA number and team number. (You may enter numbers
for multiple teams at the same time.) Enter self-rating if applicable. Hit Next Step.

Step 4:

Review all information for accuracy before proceeding to step 5.

Step 5:

Enter credit card information. You will be charged a total league fee of
$23 per team.

Step 6:

Will show confirmation of your registration information and give you a
player number. PRINT this screen for a copy of your registration and payment.

Summer 2024 USTA Team Information

Match Day Age Team Division Team Number
THURSDAY 18+ MEN 3.0 8557914492
WEDNESDAY 18+ MEN 3.5 8557914515
TUESDAY 18+ MEN 4.0 8557914538
MONDAY 18+ WOMEN’S 2.5 8557914584
THURSDAY 18+ WOMEN’S 3.0 8557914631
TUESDAY 40+ WOMEN’S 3.0 8557914835
THURSDAY 40+ WOMEN’S 4.0 8557914889
FRIDAY 18+  MIXED 6.0 8557915116
FRIDAY 18+ MIXED 8.0 8557915168