All members and guest must sign in upon arrival to the pool.Children participating in the swim program or swim lessons should check in with a coach or instructor.All members are required by law to take a shower before entering the pool.The baby pool is for children under 8 years old. Children must be accompanied by an adult in the baby pool area at all times. Non toilet trained children are restricted from the main pool. Children must wear a swim diaper or diaper and rubber pants while in the baby pool. Children going from the play area (sandbox) to the pool must rinse all sand and dirt off before entering the pool.

Non-Toliet trained children are not allowed in the main pool, except under parent or gaurdian supervision during tot swim instruction.

Pool rules

► No floatation devices are allowed in the pool, with the exception of life vests and water wings.

► No rafts, inter-tubes or floating beds.

► No squirt guns are allowed at the club.

► No food or glass is allowed on the deck at anytime. Food must remain in designated eating areas. Swimming under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited

► Towels are for adult members and guests only. Please do not provide children with towels. Towels limited to 2 per adult due to restricted ability to keep up with demand.Members may not cross under lanes at anytime.

► Rough behavior in the pool will not be tolerated.

► The pool will close during swim meets and dive meets to all members and guests, including the baby pool.

► There is no smoking on the pool deck at anytime.

► Children should be reminded regularly to exit the pool and use the restroom.

► No rough play, including double bouncing on the dive boards.

► In case of emergency, all members should exit the pool area.

► Children unfamiliar with swimming activities must pass a deep water test before entering the deep end. Please see a lifeguard for administering the test.

► Please remember to take your belongings with you. RC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.