Renovations Update

Phase 1 Demolition – September 2016

The Racquet Club began work to remove the existing Pro-Shop Building, as well as strategic removal of parts of the pool building and snack bar.

Phase 2 Site Work – October 2016

Grade work has begun and footings for new buildings and additions poured. Blocking began and much of the new tennis building is constructed. Interior plumbing and electrical has been installed as well as some door frames.

Phase 3 Structures – November 2016

Underground work is at or near completion for sanitary, sewer, water, gas and our new retention system. Interior buildings have completed underground pluming and conduit. Building structures are nearly complete. Roofing on the food service building is framed and joists and decking in the tennis and pool buildings are in progress. The exterior of the buildings are being clad with final finishes. Roofs for tennis and swim should be up very soon. Much of the site demo and all of the building demo is complete.

Phase 4 Finishes – March 2017

Details are coming together as tile, drywall, painting, staining and utilities are getting completed. Interior finishes include new transom windows and doors. Floors and showers in the new tennis building are tiled and fixtures such as toilets are installed. New lockers for both buildings have arrived and are being installed. New roofs are complete with green metal roofing. The power is on and electrical fixtures and outlets are being installed.